Are You Facing Challenges in Your Shopify Ticketing Website? Here Is Why Evey Integration Can Be the Solution

Event planning is not a walk in the park. It is an activity requiring commitment and dedication. As an event manager, your success is a result of preparation and planning. Your coordination of all activities must be effective. Selling tickets is one of the activities requiring prioritization. Any slight mistake you make when preparing and selling your event tickets can hurt the entire management.
Apart from this, you must ensure effective monitoring of your process. You should have a way of managing your event from ticket designing to verification during the D-day. Otherwise, you will have a crisis where you will receive many attendees than the number of tickets sold. When criminals know you lack a way of authenticating your ticket, they will seize the opportunity. They will develop similar tickets and sell them. Having software that can help you handle this process from beginning to the end is a good idea. Read more, if you are running a Shopify website in the United Kingdom and you want to know how to give online ticket buyers what they want.
Now, here are three reasons Evey integration is a good solution:
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Opportunity to customize your tickets

As an event organizer, you want to maximize your profits. One way to realize this dream is customizing your tickets. But how to sell tickets on Shopify? For instance, if your business is located in Australia, you may divide your tickets into different categories at a different fee. Say, for example; you have VVIP, VIP, and regular attendees. Alternatively, you can be unique and have categories such as bronze, silver, gold, and platinum tickets. Either of these options requires customization to differentiate them. Each needs a unique shape and color. Realizing this objective is not easy. Luckily, Evey is here. Combining Shopify with this software helps you to achieve your customization desires. Hence, it boosts your returns and customer attraction.

Enhance your e-ticketing monitoring

One of the crises you encounter in the event management is distinguishing genuine attendees from the fake ones. Particularly in this era of technological advancement, criminals are using any available opportunity to make some coins. They will design tickets that look the same to yours. Also, they will sell them at a lower price claiming to offer a discount. For you to ensure you do not become a victim, you need a way to verify the tickets during the event. Whether a person bought the ticket online or offline, your system must be able to determine its authenticity. A combination of Shopify and Evey offers you this capability. With it, you can verify your attendees through a mobile device or a PC at the entry point. As such, you eliminate any chance of fake participants.

Enables you to sell tickets online through a different interface

Certainly, selling tickets have been on a revolutionary journey. People no longer need to visit ticket booths. For them to buy a ticket, all they need is a device to access the internet. However, online selling is moving to mobile devices. Everyone wants to shop at the comfort of their homes. Ticket buying is no difference. As a ticket seller, you must ensure your website is accessible through the mobile devices. Shopify Evey combination helps you to realize this objective. The combination takes your ticketing business on every device. This way, you can reach to a wider audience.
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Final thoughts

As you can see, Shopify Evey integration enhances your online ticket selling business. It enables you to monitor your process from designing to verification on the event day. Also, it allows you to design your tickets based on the preferred categories. Selling them also becomes easy as your targets can access them through any mobile device or PC. Hence, the Evey Shopify integration is the solution to your e-ticket management issues.

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